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Address:No.38 Chencang Ave.,Baoji city,
Post code:721004
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E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: www.dpyehz.icu
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Unity and harmony; striving and devoting; innovative development; hundred years’Baohua”
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Pioneer of the Industry;Banner of the West;Respected by the Society;Happiness in "Baohua"
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  Welcome to ShaanxiBaohua Tecnologies Co., ltd.
  The company is a leading and professional manufacturer of a series products of persulfates.
  Acting domestically and international,the company can manufacture and provide superior quality persulfates products to all-round customers and maximizes the customers profitability.

  The company mainly manufactures and provides the following products: Ammonium persulfate,Sodium persulfate,Potassium persulfate,20M-40M Big sized ammonium persulfate and Encapsulated gel breaker ammonium persulfate
  The company will be pleased to your connection and are ready for enquires and service at all time.
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SHAANXI BAOHUA TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD. Add:No.38 Chencang Ave.,Baoji city,Shaanxi,China 721004
Tel: +86-917-2853895 Fax:+86-917-2853895 E-mail:[email protected]

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